What is The Master of fresh Fish?

What is The Master of fresh Fish?

We are the prominent leaders in the fish business.
We are the experts certified by The Master of Fresh Fish Association.

What is The Master of Fresh Fish Association?F
We are the wholesalers who have excellent eyes for fish have established the association.
Just count on us, and no one knows fish more than we do in Japan.

We are the bridge between people and fish.

We have excellent eyes for selecting and catching fish and have a long-standing history as a fisherman.
We not only deliver fish meat but also@propagate the importance of fish food culture which is healthy and tasty.

Fish has been traditionally eaten in Japan and this is one of the reason why the Japanese are blessed with long lives. The world is becoming health conscious so that people more pay attention to fish these days.
In Japan, as a pioneer, we participate in cooking schools, media activities, and have business with retail shops.

We regard fish as precious resources and we propose a new type of distribution as well.

The Acknowledgment of The Mater of Fresh Fish

The Master of Fresh Fish Association officially issues corticated for those who engaged in fish business regarded as an expert by our organization.
The Master of Fresh Fish must pass the exam to be acknowledged.

  • We offer exam and lecture once a year.
  • We issue certificate for beginning level, intermediate, and advanced.
  • We will offer open lecture in the near future.

About The Master of Fresh Fish Association

Address Office
No. 38 Fisheries in Wakayama City Central Wholesale Market.
1660-377 Nishihama, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, Zip641-0036 JAPAN
TEL 81-73-447-0808
FAX 81-73-447-9534
Board member
Hinode Honda Suisan Kaname Sannou
Master of Japanese Fresh Fish,inc Tomoki Nakajima
Nakamura corporation Syunsuke Nakamura
Emotohyo Kouich Emoto
Ichiki fish company Daisaku Ichiki
Matsuda fish company Tatsuyuki Matsuda
Nakano fish company Hiroharu Nakano
Number of association member


Work contents

The operation of the website ' The Master of the Fresh fish' The operation of 'The master of Fresh Fish 'conference Authorization of participation in our Association Issue certificate of 'The Master of Fresh Fish'

We provide service as below

Consulting service
We propose creative recipe for fish cuisine.
We also advise how to choose `right fish` for right recipe.
There are plenty of fish that we have not used as much as we should.

The Master of Fresh Fish is all over Japan.
We send best lecturer to your seminar.
We do lecture with live performance.

We guarantee the quality of fish!
We stick to the brand of fish; we specify the location where the fish is caught and by doing so,
we can guarantee the quality of it.